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We also undertake demolition of RCC structures, buildings etc by using pneumatic hammers, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic splitters, electrical hammers.

We should to take after great practices for the arranging and usage of demolition works for various kinds of structures.

Our aim is to minimise the risks of:

  • Causing damage to persons and properties of the public.
  • Imperiling the health and security of site faculty.
  • Harming the area condition.

We do demolition of buildings and individual structures, incomplete demolition of buildings, basements, underground tanks, and common civil engineering structures, e.g., silos, industrial plants, piers, etc.

Temporary supports to the structure or the elements of the structure being demolished shall be provided for any or combination of the following conditions:

  • When the whole or any part of the structure is subjected to excess loading derived from the demolition activities, movement of powered mechanical plants or debris accumulation
  • When any part of the structure or any element being demolished is not self-supporting
  • When the temporary stability of the structure or its elements could be impaired as a result of the demolition activities

Temporary supports shall not be removed until its supporting loads are completely removed.