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Chemical and mechanical anchors are used to install machinery, crane barriers, auditorium chairs, industrial doors, structural fixings, conveyors, elevators, panels, AC ducting, fire fighting pipes, false ceilings, cables, pipes, poles, brackets, doors, windows, structural steel members on to the concrete surface like RCC columns, beams, slabs, etc. In order to modify the already completed RCC columns, beams, slabs etc.,

The reinforcement bars are introduced by drilling holes on to the existing concrete, cleaning the holes, injecting chemicals and inserting rebars as recommended by the structural consultants.

Fortification anchorages or splices that are settled into effectively cured cement by Hilti HIT infusion glues in bored gaps are called "Post-introduced rebar associations" instead of typical, supposed "cast-in" support. Numerous associations of rebars introduced for good enumerating practice won't require particular plan contemplations. In any case, post-introduced rebars which turn out to be a piece of the basic framework must be planned as precisely as the whole structure.

An anchor bolt is a clasp used to connect protests or structures to concrete. There are numerous sorts of stay anchor bolts, comprising of outlines that are for the most part restrictive to the assembling organizations. All comprise of a strung end, to which a nut and washer can be joined for the outer load. Anchor screws are widely utilized on a wide range of tasks, from standard structures to dams and atomic power plants. They can likewise be utilized to immovably attach install plates to a concrete establishment when utilized with an auxiliary steel component.

Wherever Precision Drilling without vibration, noise, dust and without disturbing the adjoing areas is required, Diamond core drilling is the best option.

  • Drilling has to be done to fix anchors or to insert rebars.
  • Diamond drilling to insert plumbing pipes, fire fighting pipes, drainage pipes, electrical installations etc.
  • To drill holes and strengthen the RCC columns, beams etc.
  • To cut RCC structures by stitch core drilling.
  • To take specimen cores in concrete for testing purposes.
  • To drill deep holes to inject concrete slurry and chemicals.