We offer structural strengthening and retrofitting services to improve the strength of existing RCC structures. The section is enlarged by adding additional reinforcement bars with shear stirrups as per the requirement of additional load. The enlargement will be boanded to the existing concrete to produce a monolithic member. RCC structures can also be strengthened by using bonded steel plates.

It is extremely powerful to increase the flexural and shear limit of fortified solid bar. Strengthening by steel plate is a mainstream technique because of its accessibility, affordability, uniform materials properties (isotropic), simple to work, high malleability and high weakness quality.

Need of Structural Strengthening for Concrete Structures

Concrete structures need to be strengthened for any of the following reasons:

  • Load increments because of higher live loads, expanded wheel loads, establishments of substantial hardware, or vibrations.
  • Harm to basic parts because of maturing of construction materials or fire harm, consumption of steel support, as well as effect of vehicles.
  • Changes in reasonableness for use because of restriction of redirections, diminishment of worry in steel fortification and additionally decrease of split widths.
  • Alteration of auxiliary framework because of disposal of walls/columns as well as openings slice through slabs.
  • Blunders in arranging or construction because of lacking outline measurements as well as inadequate fortifying steel.